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Strength and Conditioning in Melton

Strength and Conditioning

At OsteoRehab we have pride in our ability to help manage your circumstance from an injury that has you on the sidelines, to giving you that extra advantage in the sporting arena. Our home is our fitness facility, our education and conditioning are our pillars and helping you achieve an improved quality of life and increased performance is our power.

Maximise Your Performance

Sure our specialist fitness equipment allows us to tailor programs to a wide variety of sports and clientele - but more importantly it allows us to create an approach that combines all tools necessary to serve the goal you desire. We don’t just help manage injuries, we help you maximise your performance.

Education from Experience

The exercise rehabilitation professionals at OsteoRehab can work closely with you to help you to overcome your injury and prevent it from troubling you in the future. We provide a fitness facility with a difference. A difference that combines education and exercise for an improved quality of life.

Individualised Programs

We are skilled at tailoring individualised programs based on your current ability level and activity goals. We have a combination of standardised and specialist fitness equipment to use at our facility, which means that we can combine many elements into your program based on what you want to achieve.

At OsteoRehab an exercise prescription consultation will involve:

  • A detailed case history
  • Goal setting
  • Thorough examination
  • Exercise program design
  • Technique instruction
  • Email and phone support
  • Rehabilitation program design
  • Instruction of technique
  • Follow up appointments will be arranged to assist with technique and progress the program when required