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Osteopathy for Martial Arts in Melton

Osteopathy for Martial Arts

Metamorphica Mixed Martial Arts

Our Experience:

    Since its inception, the clinic at OsteoRehab has worked closely with Metamorphica Mixed martial Arts for the beneift of its members. We have worked with martial artists of all ages and abilities.

    Over the years we have also assisted and sponsored many athletes in preperation for their ameteur MMA debuts. In supporting these athletes we have travelled locally and interstate to assist with their training preparation, physical health and injury management .

    We have sponsored professional MMA fighters Callan "The Rockstar" Potter, "Phar Jack" Jenkins. Andrew also worked with Nate Diaz during one of his visits to Australia.

    Andrew has been training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as a blue belt at Metamorphica Martial Arts.

Our Philosophy for Martial Arts

At OsteoRehab, we have a particular interest in treatment and rehabilitation of martial artists from the weekend Thai-Boxer to the elite combat sport athlete.

There are three schools of thought on injury management. There is simply managing your pain, there is getting you back to ‘normal’, and then there is taking you to the next level. We combine years of first hand martial arts experience with years of clinical experience to give you a truly specialised service, helping you maximise your potential on the mat, in the ring or in the cage.

So whether it is an acute injury keeping you off the mat that needs attention, a chronic niggle that is affecting how much you get out of your sessions, or injury prevention and rehabilitation strategies to help you get optimum results from your training - let OsteoRehab make your training our priority.