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Injury Rehabilitation Services in Melton

Injury Rehabilitation

If manual therapy gets you back on your feet, rehabilitation keeps you there. At OsteoRehab, our desire is to empower our clients with an exercise rehabilitation strategy that is individualised, 3-Dimensional and above all, FUNCTIONAL.

Backed by Research

Research shows us that loss of flexibility, muscle atrophy (shrinking), weakness, osteoporosis, elevated pain levels, depression and fatigue, which are problems common to both inflammatory and degenerative conditions, respond favourably to a low to moderate, gradually progressed exercise program.

Get Back Your Life

OsteoRehab was designed specifically to meet the needs of injured individuals and to assist them to return to being able to do the things that they love.

Long Term Solution

Rehabilitation serves as not just the key to overcoming your current ailment, but it sets the tone for preventing future injury, independence in your health & fitness journey and achieving a better quality of life.

At OsteoRehab a rehabilitation program will involve:

  • Thorough case history evaluation
  • Medical examination
  • Orthopaedic examination of injured area
  • Physical capacity assessment
  • Treatment to mobilise the affected region
  • Referral for imaging, further investigation or surgical opinion if required
  • Rehabilitation program design
  • Instruction of technique
  • Follow up appointments will be arranged to assist with technique and progress the program when indicate